100% All Keys Guide

Practical Wisdom for the Best Worst Game Ever

Use your brain: Go left to save one frame.
Don't be a D-Bag, Grab that P-Bag!
Get shield and double your damage-taking yield!
Walk then pause on the grass to give the encounters a pass.
No time to admire the native Parappan desert art
You need to go grab that heart!
The next tile will make you fall and slip;
Learn to do the bubble-skip!
That goriya is a nasty old fart.
Kill him after you grab the heart.
All students of Zelda 2 must be apt;
Study carefully the palace map.
Get the candle along the way;
Change dark caves to bright as day.
Just like in fight club after a few beers:
Punch Tyler Stab Horsehead right in the ears!
Straight South, then straight West;
Dodge those encounters just like the best.
Give those encounters a miss;
Step once on the grass for total bliss.
Grab the trophy and all will be well;
The Wizard in Ruto will give you jump spell.
Walk to Ruto by the book;
Use the encounter dodge hook!